The two modes of coding

The one in which we talk about the differences between when you are building something compared to when you are crafting something.

What comes first? The problem or the solution?

The one in which I talk about understanding the problem before trying to solve it.

Small and polished

The one where I talk about limiting the scope and polishing the experience when starting something

On careers. Advice for beginners

Reflections on things I wish I had known when I was at the start my career and that I wish I have shared with people around me struggling with their first jobs, first managers and first disappointments.


Some reflections on how it feels to turn 34 years old.

Coding and AI assistance

You must use AI when coding. However the way you leverage the assistance will have a dramatic impact on your future as a developer in small and big ways. It pays to be mindful of it.

Engineer's journal

Keeping notes on what you are working on during the day has some surprising benefits and helps the brain to travel light.

In how many ways can your dog eat your homework?

Justifying your failure is the most efficient way to make sure that you don't learn from it. And yet, this is the default response for most of us...

Understanding an MVP

MVP should not be shitty. The meaning of minimal should mostly refer to the scope that is covered in the initial implementation. Let's break this down.

Be productive - Notes to self

Becoming more productive is one of the rare things in life that is absolutely good. No matter how you spin it, everything else being equal, it is better to be more productive then less. So here are a few thoughts on how to become more productive.

I don't watch tv

When people around me are talking about shows and getting excited about it, I don't really feel like I am missing out. I often quench my curiosity by asking questions around the show and what makes it a good one and in most cases that is enough.

2022 - In review

With the new year starting it is time to take account of the past year, learn from it and see what I can adjust to make the new year even better.

From QWERTY to Colemak

This time I will talk about how and why I decided to change my keyboard layout from QWERTY to Colemak and why you should too.

Handling the safe area in react-native

Let's look at how to (properly) handle the safe area in react native, beyond the simple strategy of slapping a safe area view everywhere.

Intersection types in Typescript

Sometimes we would like to combine to types into a complete new type. Typescript offers a simple way to do that through intersection types. See how.

Object as a state - useState

There is a common parttern of using useState with an object as its contents. In this article I show (and make a reminder for myself) how to have an object as your state and how to update each part of it individually whenever you need to.

Authentication in a GraphQL api

There are many ways to handle authentication when you are building your GraphQL api. Here I describe my current and preferred approach for tackling this while keeping it as simple as possible.

How will you pay your technical debt?

Teams deal with technical debt differently. Sometimes they don't touch until it breaks, some others they activelly manage it. How do you do it?

Thoughts on impostor syndrome

The impostor syndrome is real and presents itself in many ways. We need to talk about it. We also need to find ways to avoid that it leads us into self-sabotaging and missing oportunities. Here's my rant on it.

How to make Next.js, ESLint, Prettier and Typescript play together

After having struggled for a while to make full use of Typescript, ESLint and Prettier with Next.js I finally managed to get it all working and decided to write it up for myself and whoever else finds it useful.

2021 - A review of the year

Time to look back at 2021 and reflect on the things I did well, what could have been done better, good times and what to aim for in the year that has started.

Chronicle of a career change

What did it take for me to move from a highly paid management job in a large coorporation into a Developer job in a small startup? How did I think about it, how did I prepare myself, how did I approach the job hunt and how did I manage the transition

You cannot be creative

You cannot be creative. Creativity only exists as a verb. You can do creative instead.

How I use git on a daily basis

A simple collection of tips and flows that I use every single day in git and github for work, pleasure and profit.